Jaggery is a major source of iron and the person suffering from anemia is advised to replace it with sugar. Jaggery is used in place of sugar in rural areas. Jaggery is also fed to animals.

Jaggery Benefits and Side effects

The method of making jaggery

About 60-65 percent of juice is extracted from the native crusher. This juice is poured into the big cauldron. When pouring the juice is filtered with a cloth, then this juice is boiled. Lime is often used to clean the juice. Lime combines with the organic acids and other impurities present in the juice and makes chemical changes. Protein molecules also dissociate from each other when the juice is heated. All these come on top of the juice and make a layer about half an inch to an inch thick. Most of the juices are inoffensive in them. Separate them with large spoons of iron. Apart from lime, special types of coal, hay, etc. are also used to remove waste. After separating the impurities, the juice is boiled. This causes the water of the juice to evaporate. When the fourth part of the juice remains, the syrup becomes very thick and it starts showing signs of formation. Then put the syrup in open pots about one and a half-inch thick. When it remains slightly hot, stir it with wooden spoons until it becomes semi-solid. Then either put them in big molds or make small pieces with their hands.

Effect of soil and manure on the quality of jaggery

If the quantity of soluble salts in the soil is high, the jaggery of the reed produced in it is often not good. It is browner and water-absorbing and perspires during the rainy season and is slightly dark brown. There is also a kind of salinity in its sweetness. The jaggery of the reed that is irrigated is not so tasty and good to look as the without irrigation is of the reed. But the effect of irrigation on any soil is also good on the properties of jaggery.

Jaggery has a lot of sugar and its quantity sometimes reaches more than 90 percent. There is also a small fraction of water in it, which keeps on decreasing according to the season. In addition, it contains glucose, fructose, minerals (lime, potash, phosphorus, etc.) in small amounts.

Home remedies, diseases and treatment methods of jaggery

Clearing blood

A person with Raktavikar is beneficial in any drink of jaggery tea, milk, and lassi instead of sugar.

Abdominal flatulence

After eating food, eating 25 grams jaggery regularly cures stomach disorders, puberty persists in the body.


Half-head ache which increases with the sun, then eat 12 grams jaggery with 6 grams ghee before sunrise and at bedtime at night.


Workers who do physical labor eat jaggery and fix their body wear and tear, and eliminate fatigue. By playing more exercise hockey etc., the meat inside the chest has ruptured, which is called Injury, it is cured by eating jaggery three times a day.

Weakness of heart

Eating jaggery is beneficial in physical dysfunction.

Asthma, dry cough

Licking 15 grams of jaggery and 15 grams of mustard oil is beneficial.

Unclean urine

Urination comes clean and open by drinking jaggery mixed with hot milk. The blockage is removed. Drink it twice daily.


Grind the old dry jaggery and mix the grounded ginger in it and sniffing stops it.


Feed jaggery to the patient before taking insecticide. By this, the worms sticking in the intestines will start eating jaggery, then the worms will come out easily after taking the herbicide.

Stone pierced the body

If the glass, thorn, stone pierce into the body, if it does not come out, then by heating the jaggery and celery, it comes out from the bind.

Stomach Disease

Jaggery is a very easy and beneficial way to deal with stomach problems. It is very beneficial in solving gas problems in the stomach and all the problems related to digestion. Consuming jaggery after eating food aids digestion.

Stomach gas

If there is a problem of gas in the stomach, taking jaggery with a glass of water or milk daily causes cold in the stomach, and no gas is produced.

In winter

The use of jaggery will be like nectar for you in winter or in cold. It helps in relieving cold, cold, and especially phlegm due to the hotness of jaggery, for this, jaggery can be used in milk or tea, and you can also prepare and drink its decoction.

Cold, cough

In the winter season, eating laddoos of jaggery and black sesame cures a cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and etc. diseases. Even without this disease, eating sesame and jaggery laddoos does not cause these diseases. Cough, cold, 100 grams of jaggery mixed with one teaspoon ground dry ginger, one teaspoon pepper, and eat it four times a day, it will be beneficial.

Jaggery Benefits and Side effects

Sore throat

Heat jaggery with ginger and eat it lukewarm, relieves sore throat and burning sensation. This also makes the voice much better.

Joint pain

The use of jaggery with ginger proves to be very beneficial in the case of joint pain. Eating ginger with a piece of jaggery daily provides relief from joint pain.

For skin health

Molasses is also very beneficial for skin health. Molasses helps in cleaning the skin by removing harmful toxins from the blood, and also improves blood circulation.


Eating a little jaggery daily does not cause acne and skin glow. It helps to cure your skin problems internally.


Jaggery can help you a lot if there is a deficiency of iron in the body. Molasses is a good source of iron. Molasses is also very beneficial for patients with anemia.

Energy levels rise

If you are feeling very tired or weak due to the work of the day, jaggery can also help you. Because it increases the level of energy in your body, and you do not feel tired.

Treatment of asthma

Jaggery is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma. Taking laddus of jaggery and black sesame does not cause asthma in winter and the necessary heat remains in the body.

Respiratory problems

Apart from this, eating five grams of jaggery mixed with mustard oil in the same quantity for respiratory diseases relieves respiratory problems.

Better digestion

Digestion is also improved by sucking a little jaggery in the mouth, every afternoon and after dinner, and no gas is produced.

Blood cleaning

Molasses also controls the metabolic rate by cleaning the blood in the body. Apart from this, jaggery is beneficial in treating throat and lung infections.

Strangled and gripped voice

In case of sore throat and hoarseness, eating jaggery mixed with cooked rice, the throat is cured and the voice also opens.

Ear pain

Jaggery is very beneficial even in the case of ear pain. Eating jaggery mixed with ghee can help relieve the pain of ear pain.


After jaundice, mixing ten grams of jaggery in five grams of dry ginger, and eating it together is beneficial.


Molasses is also very beneficial for giving relief to women in menstrual problems. Consuming jaggery on those days will bring relief from all kinds of problems.

To increase memory

Molasses is also very beneficial in increasing memory. Its regular intake increases memory and does not weaken the mind.

Jaggery Benefits and Side effects

Digestive repair

If you feel less hungry, then the cure for this problem is with jaggery. Eating jaggery will open your appetite, and digestion will be improved.

Migraine problem

Jaggery is a good mood boost, it helps to make your mood happy. Apart from this, jaggery also benefits in migraine problem. Consuming jaggery daily is beneficial.

Belch out

Licking black salt mixed with jaggery is beneficial in sour belching or other stomach problem. In addition, it is very helpful in strengthening the nervous system.

Heat control

Although jaggery is considered to be hot but dissolved in water, it provides coolness to the body and controls the heat.

To lose weight

Molasses can also be used to reduce weight. Regulates body weight by reducing water retention in the body.

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