What is premature ejaculation, Causes, and Home remedies

What is premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation is the result of a man's committed mistakes, and there is no nature or any other responsibility for this. The primary reason for this is unnatural sex, that is, the man ejaculates by ejaculating with his own hands. When men keep doing this for a long time, the muscles of the penis get used to hand's sensitivity and he is unable to tolerate the sensitivity of the woman's vagina. The penis feels so sensitive in two to four or five eight rubs of the vagina that the man ejaculates.

What is premature ejaculation, Causes, and Home remedies

Meaning of premature ejaculation

The process of semen falling in a short time is known as premature ejaculation. Contrary to the desire of men during coitus, if their semen falls soon, this disease is known as premature ejaculation. At the time of sexual intercourse, before entering the vagina or at the time of intercourse, the semen is immediately discharged. Natural erectile strength varies from 2 to 5 minutes. To have intercourse for more than this is possible due to the restraint of the couples, and special love benefits, and good health. But a man with erectile power less than 2 minutes is called a patient of premature ejaculation.

What causes of premature ejaculation

Cause of premature ejaculation, the cause of the disease is excess of sexual desire, masturbation, semen lover, excess of semen, anal intercourse, excessive sexual intercourse, the heat of semen, excessive intake of market drugs to get more pleasure, sex with market drugs Massage, heart, brain, and liver weakness, thinning of semen, bladder problems, stomach worms, small or tight secretions of female organs, and dryness, there may be scabies on the betel nut, penis piles, gonorrhea, urinary tract rash, hydrocele disease, etc.

However, premature ejaculation can sometimes cause embarrassment for men. Men whose premature ejaculation disease has been going on for a long time. Such a person may also face many problems in his personal life. However, there is no fixed time for premature ejaculation. But it is seen in most of the cases that when a woman and man desire to have sex. In such a situation, the semen gets ejaculated as soon as it becomes sexual.

The problem of premature ejaculation can be seen only in men. This disease can be seen very rarely in women. There can be many other reasons for premature ejaculation. People who spend more time masturbating. Such individuals are most likely to develop premature ejaculation. Individuals mostly resort to masturbation to fulfill their work desire. And such persons easily affect the disease of premature ejaculation under their influence.

Sometimes, such men are more prone to premature ejaculation. Those who are more nervous during sexual intercourse. It is very important to control such persons. The person who suffers from any anxiety or any stress during intercourse. It is very important for them to pay attention to sexual intercourse except for all kinds of concerns during their sexual intercourse. Sometimes anxiety and nervousness during intercourse are also more likely to cause premature ejaculation. Therefore, it is not always necessary that we can get rid of premature ejaculation only by taking Ayurvedic or chemical medicines. Sometimes if we continue our mental control as well as the process of exercise, then we get rid of problems of premature ejaculation too.

How to stop premature ejaculation

There are also some who ejaculate at the time of kissing even before entering the penis in the vagina. Such men never give full enjoyment of sexual activity to their wives. In this situation, such men fall in circles of medical practitioners and also destroy their wealth and health.

Many physicians have discovered many ways to overcome premature ejaculation of men. By adopting these methods carefully, the problem of premature ejaculation can be avoided and sexual activity can also be enjoyed.
  • If a person complains of premature ejaculation, then he should masturbate one to two hours before having sex and remove the semen. After this, when you do sex activity, then there will be no fear of premature ejaculation and you can also enjoy sex activity for a long time.
  • Make a habit of taking a long breath while having sex. This gives complete pleasure in sexual activity.
  • If you feel ejaculation while doing sex activity, then focus your attention on something else, this stops the possibility of ejaculation. After this, they started sex action again. Perform this type of action several times. This will give you a lot of fun.
  • If a situation of semen ejaculation occurs during sex, then narrow your anus and stay in this position for some time. This prevents ejaculation.
  • During intercourse, when the vagina enters the penis, at that time compress your anus and shrink the nerves of the penis as well. While in this position, do friction by applying strokes. In this way, sexual activity can persist for a long time.

Home remedies of premature ejaculation

How can we easily eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation with the help of Ayurvedic remedies and home remedies? However, to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation, many types of chemical medicines are also being consumed in the market. But the problem of premature ejaculation cannot be eliminated from the root by taking Chemical medicines. Increased physical strength for a short time starts causing many other problems. In such a situation, it is beneficial for us to use Ayurvedic prescription for this disease.

To control this venereal disease you should kick chocolate, chili, and caffeine-containing beverages into your diet. For better control and strength, your diet should be rich in zinc, selenium, calcium, and iron. High carbohydrate and low protein food are also good for releasing serotonin and reducing anxiety.

Some natural foods help keep your masculine power strong while keeping your health care. Stamina will increase due to its intake of maternal weakness, premature ejaculation, lack of sperm, looseness of the nerves, reduction in mating strength, etc. The biggest advantage of this is that it will not have any side effects of any kind. Because this is the only thing to eat. For your information, let us know that when for some reason a man is in a mental strain for a long time, then gradually the decrease in masculine power starts decreasing. Apart from this, because if you cannot get enough sleep because of being busy then this may also cause maternal weakness. If a man is troubled by a prolonged illness, this can lead to masculine weakness, and also due to some bad habits such as smoking, there is also a maternal weakness.

Consuming onions

A panacea is considered a medicine for a patient suffering from premature ejaculation. Consuming onion gives a lot of benefits to the patient of premature ejaculation. Let us know. How can you easily overcome the problem of premature ejaculation that is occurring in your body by consuming onion? There are different types of recipes for consuming onions. By consuming these, you can eliminate the disease of premature ejaculation forever. First of all, you start consuming green onions with your meal every day.

Green onions

Consuming green onions provides such iron elements and essential elements in your food. Which prevents the expulsion of semen inside the body in a short period of time. Also, you have to consume a glass of onion juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Consuming a glass of onion juice on an empty stomach in the morning provides considerable benefit in problems of premature ejaculation as well as heart disease, kidney disease, and urinary problems. The patient of premature ejaculation should consume a maximum quantity of onion. Onion is a good choice. Which helps to get rid of premature ejaculation easily and in a short time.

What is premature ejaculation, Causes, and Home remedies

Consuming Ginger

Ginger is such a substance used daily in our food. Due to its use, many types of other diseases inside the body also feel relieved. By using ginger, premature ejaculation patients can easily get rid of premature ejaculation disease. To use ginger, we should use ginger in the vegetables we eat in our daily life. After dinner, mix one teaspoon of honey in one teaspoon of ginger juice at night and eat it daily. By consuming this drug continuously for 10 to 12 days, the problem of premature ejaculation can be easily overcome.


Saffron is one such medicine. Which greatly helps humans in increasing physical strength. Saffron is used for preventing premature ejaculation. Taking one to two threads of saffron in a glass of milk daily before going to bed at night, develops inner strength. At the same time, consuming saffron daily, along with the problem of premature ejaculation, also increases the physical strength inside the human being. Consuming saffron daily provides a lot of benefits to the problem of premature ejaculation as well as many other types of problems. Saffron is an Ayurvedic medicine. There is no possibility of any type of side effect inside the human being. In such a situation, you can eat saffron to get rid of your physical strength.

Note: - It is important to always keep in mind one thing while consuming saffron. Saffron is considered very hot medicine. So we always have to consume only one to two threads of saffron in milk daily. Excessive consumption of saffron may trigger other types of problems.

Almonds, pistachios, cashews

To eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation, as well as to increase physical strength, consuming almond pistachio cashew nuts, etc. is also very beneficial. Almonds, pistachios, cashews help us to increase physical strength as well as developmental strength. Consuming cashew pistachio almonds can increase physical strength along with the problem of premature ejaculation. Put Almonds, pistachios, cashews in one place and mix it well and make a powder of it. After eating food every day at night and before going to bed, mix one to two teaspoons of powder in warm milk and mix it well in milk and leave it for 30 to 35 minutes. By using this recipe continuously for 10 to 12 days, the body starts feeling amazing power. At the same time, the problem of premature ejaculation is also relieved forever.


Along with increasing physical strength, watermelon can also be used to increase the power of sexual intercourse. Watermelon is one such fruit. Which helps humans to eliminate many other types of problems arising inside the body. Continuous use of watermelon gives great relief to heart problems inside the body, stomach problems, mental stress, and kidney problems.

Also if a person consumes watermelon daily. So the problem of physical weakness and premature ejaculation does not occur inside such a person. People who have problems with premature ejaculation inside the body. Such a person must consume a glass of watermelon with light salt and ginger juice every morning at breakfast. Watermelon is one such fruit. Which is a very short time that helps to eliminate the problem occurring inside men? Consuming it continuously for 10 days gives you tremendous relief in the body and great relief in the problem of premature ejaculation.

Consuming garlic

Consuming garlic is also considered to be very important to improve sexual problems in men. Garlic is used to eliminate many other types of medicines and diseases. But garlic is also considered to be very important in the problem of premature ejaculation. Consuming four to five raw buds of garlic before going to the toilet every morning with a glass of water brings great relief in sexual problems. Always keep in mind that while consuming garlic, consuming too much garlic can also prove to be dangerous. Men who already have any other type of disease. Such people should consume garlic in minimum quantity. Although garlic is very hot. Due to this reason, the chances of causing problems inside the male increase.


Ashwagandha is considered one of the best medicine in the treatment of premature ejaculation. This drug increases the strength of the organs and helps in improving the stamina of the body. Therefore, it is used a lot to cure the deficiency in infertility, nausea, and sexual desire and increase sperm. Mixing one teaspoon of ashwagandha powder with one glass of milk and one teaspoon of honey daily is beneficial in men's sexual problems.

Pomegranate juice

By regularly consuming pomegranate juice, it increases the levels of sex hormones (testosterone) in the body of both men and women, which helps to increase sexual power. Increases blood flow in you can also eat pomegranate or drink juice to increase sexual power. Since the amount of natural sugar in pomegranate juice is high, drink it with ice or water.


Cinnamon is the bark of our tree which we use with hot spices. Cinnamon is commonly used for colds, gastric problems, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal problems.


Musk is also used to treat early ejaculation. For this take water in a vessel and add oysters to it and boil it till it becomes soft.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are very helpful in enhancing sex performance. Their biggest advantage is that they contain high amounts of magnesium which helps in dissolving testosterone in the blood.


Since ancient times, the date is considered an aphrodisiac fruit. It is beneficial in many health problems like heart disease, constipation, anemia, mild diarrhea, and stomach cancer. Consuming at least two dates daily is very beneficial for health. For the treatment of premature ejaculation - Drink two dried dates in breakfast every morning or mix with milk before going to bed at night.


Avocado is considered very beneficial for testicles. Avocado has many medicinal properties, especially it is very beneficial in relieving premature ejaculation. You can eat it raw or can also be taken as a salad.


Nutmeg has arousal enhancing properties that help in healing premature ejaculation. Nutmeg contains a lot of copper and manganese which increases the production of superoxide dismutase enzyme in the body. This enzyme helps in expelling the body's free radicals. The zinc present in nutmeg greatly helps in increasing the sexual ability of the male.


Ladyfinger is also a very effective remedy for premature ejaculation. You can include this vegetable in your daily diet or take its powder. This powder can be consumed regularly. Take okra by grinding them in the shade and grind it to powder, and drink a glass of buffalo milk with powder of a spoon before going to bed every evening. This is the most powerful home remedy for the problem of premature ejaculation, using it for a month strengthens your semen and increases strength.


Carrots are more than just delicious vegetables. It can be used early to treat premature ejaculation. Carrots have libido-enhancing properties that help a lot in controlling your ejaculation. For best results, regularly eat boiled carrots with eggs and honey.

Berries seeds powder

Take 5 grams powder of berries seeds powder with the glass of cow's milk before bedtime, this reinforces semen and along with this, the problem of premature ejaculation will be eliminated from the root, you can use this kind for a month.

Dry grapes

Dry grapes remove blood loss in your body and increase semen. For this, soak about 50 grams of dry grapes in water and leave them for 12 hours, then chew it well and eat it, soaked raisins help in increasing your semen.

Tamarind Seeds

Soak 1 kg of tamarind seeds in water for 2 to 3 days. Now remove those seeds from the water and peel them and grind them properly. Now mix almost twice the amount of old jaggery and knead it like flour. Make small tablets of the paste obtained. Take them with milk 2 hours before having sex. In this way, the problem of premature ejaculation can also be overcome.


Asparagus, Regular consumption of roots of this plant is considered to be very effective for promoting sexual hygiene. It is very beneficial to avoid avoiding premature ejaculation. Boil Asparagus roots in milk and take it twice a day. It strengthens the muscles of your penis and protects you from time immemorial.

Honey and milk

Mixing honey and milk together strengthens the body and removes impotence.

Note: - By adopting these effective Vedic remedies, you can completely avoid the problem of premature ejaculation. At the same time, your strength will increase.

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