The benefits of breastfeeding Babies, and Moms

The benefits of breastfeeding babies, and moms, Breast milk is best for your baby and breastfeeding not only nourishes your baby, but it is beneficial for your baby in many ways. Breast milk provides everything your baby needs to grow. Also, it has many benefits for you too.

The benefits of breastfeeding Babies, and Moms

The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of birth. After that, you should start giving solid food along with breastfeeding.

You can continue to breastfeed your baby even after starting a solid diet at around six months. The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health recommend that the infant continue breastfeeding until she is two years old. Nutrients present in breast milk will continue to benefit him.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the natural right of an infant. There is a belief among the public that breastfeeding is essential for better health of the baby. But the benefits of breastfeeding are many times more. While it strengthens the child's immune system, it also protects the mother from many diseases. So let's know about some of the best benefits of breastfeeding.

Benefits of breastfeeding a baby

Mother's milk is a unique offering from God to the newborn. It only and only benefits the baby in every form. Its importance can be understood from the fact that the mother's milk contains enough nutrients and the baby does not even need to drink water for six months. Children who breastfeed with breast milk. Such children are not malnourished as they get adequate nutrition in the form of breast milk. Breastfeeding not only has a positive effect on the physical development of the baby, but it also helps in their mental development. Such children are found to have better IQ levels when they grow up. Come, know about all these benefits in detail.

First yellow milk

The colostrum present in breast milk is full of zinc, calcium, and vitamins. It acts as a laxative, which gives the baby the first stool. If this is not done properly, the child is at risk of having jaundice. It also protects the child from many other diseases.

The correct development of mouth and teeth

The baby's mouth is most suitable for drinking milk from the breast. The baby's mouth develops properly through the process of breastfeeding and this process is also helpful in getting teeth out. This makes the baby's jaws strong.

Right diet

As the child grows up, the needs of his body change, mother's milk contains elements according to these needs. The temperature of the mother's milk is also perfect for the baby. There is no need to give anything else to the child drinking mother's milk.

Clean and easy

Feeding the baby with a bottle does not allow him to get completely clean milk. Breastfeed also does not require the mother to work like boiling milk, washing the bottle, sterilizing it. Breastfeeding increases children's immunity.

Boosts immunity

The colostrum given to the baby just after birth is rich in antibodies, which helps eliminate many diseases. Mother's milk provides sufficient antibodies to fight infection, allergies, which strengthens the child's immunity. It also protects the child from ear infections, commonly seen in infants who drink formula milk. Lactating infants have fewer respiratory problems than infants who drink formula milk.

No allergic

Breastfeeding does not cause infant allergies. Changes in food intake may change the taste or smell of mother's milk, but it does not cause allergies or cause harm. While other types of milk or diet can cause infant allergy.

Reduces diarrhea

Breastfeeding infants have lower diarrhea rates than bottle-fed and formula-fed infants. When the baby is weaned from the bottle, infections are more likely to occur in the gastrointestinal (gastrointestinal) tract as the bottles may be contaminated. In contrast, breastfeeding is more hygienic, and it also fights infections.

Reduces the risk of SIDS

According to research, the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (sad infant death syndrome) in breastfed infants is reduced. Deadly infections that cause SIDS It may be that breastfeeding protects the baby.

Better brain development

Many studies have said that breastfed babies are smarter and have an IQ is greater. They reach developmental goals a little earlier than formula-fed children and learn the language quicker. As they grow older they continue to receive the benefits from it. Also, they have less behavioral learning problems. Breastfed babies also have better cognitive skills than children who drink formula milk.

Reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes

Bottle-fed children consume more milk and hence their chances of becoming obese increase by 20 to 30 percent more. Due to this, they may have to face problems like obesity later which can also affect their child's development. Balanced nutrition in breast milk also ensures that the probability of diabetes in children is less than 35 percent.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Studies show that it reduces the risk of cancer developing before the age of 15 in lactating infants. On the other hand, bottle-fed infants are at risk of developing childhood cancer

Reduces risk of heart disease

Breastfeeding infants have less blood pressure. Breastfed infants in the first six months have to reduce further cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of breastfeeding for mom

Breastfeeding benefits the child as well as the mother. It regulates the weight gain after a woman's delivery. When the mother does breastfeeding, she burns a lot of calories without doing anything. Women who start breastfeed soon after childbirth. They also get a lot of relief in post-partum pain and bleeding. Such is the release of oxytocin hormone during breastfeeding. It has been observed that breastfeeding women are relatively healthier. Such women are less likely to have problems like type-2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Come, know about all these benefits in detail.

The benefits of breastfeeding Babies, and Moms

Emotional fulfillment and engagement

Most mothers experience happiness and satisfaction from the emotional engagement, they receive from caring for their children. Oxytocin, a hormone that is produced at the time of babysitting, helps to promote feelings of love and attachment with the child. Similarly, the hormone prolactin increases the emotions of the mother and creates the need to nurture the baby.

Reduces breast cancer risk

Studies show that women who breastfeed reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 25%. The risk reduction is in proportion to the total duration of breastfed given by the woman. Therefore, women who have breastfed for most months have the lowest risk.

Reduces postpartum problems

Lactating women recover rapidly and easily after childbirth, as hormones such as oxytocin help the uterus return to normal quickly and reduce postpartum bleeding. It also benefits in reducing problems such as postpartum depression and reducing weight gain during pregnancy.

Reduces the risk of ovary cancer

As it delays ovulation, lactation helps prevent ovarian cancer. According to the researchers, the risk of cell mutation (which triggers ovarian cancer) is high if ovulation occurs repeatedly.

Helpful in losing weight

A woman's weight gain during pregnancy and after delivery is bound to increase. Because there are many mental and physical changes in a woman's body due to changes in the hormones of the woman during pregnancy. Breastfeeding the baby after delivery helps the woman to reduce her increased weight. When the mother lactates her baby, during this time her body spends about 500 calories, this helps the mother to lose weight.

Reduce the risk of sugar

During pregnancy, the weight gain of a pregnant woman is very normal, so some women suffer from sugar or diabetes during pregnancy due to excess weight gain. Mothers who breastfeed their baby reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, sugar after pregnancy, and for women who have had a sugar problem during pregnancy, feeding the baby reduces the sugar problem in those mothers. If you have sugar or gestational diabetes, see a doctor as a precaution.

Natural and convenient

Breastfeeding produces fresh milk every time, which is safe and at the right temperature. Therefore, there is no need to heat, boil, or sterilize the bottles. It is a hassle-free eating method that works at any time of the day and especially at night and you do not have to get up to prepare a formula for it. Due to this, you can feed the baby outside too and there will be no need to fill your bag to go outside.

Reduce the mother's bleeding

You will know that since the birth of the child, the mother of the child gets the problem of bleeding, due to which the women also have to face the problem of abdominal pain. At the same time, if a woman breastfeeds her baby regularly, then the pain caused by her bleeding is relieved as well as the bleeding is reduced.

Reduced cost

Formula milk is very expensive and may depend on brand prices. On the other hand, the mother only needs to eat an extra 500 calories per day to breastfeed.

Convenient for working women

For women who go to work and who keep their children in day-care, it is not difficult to give milk to the infant. Instead of giving formula milk, breast milk should be given with the help of a breast pump.

Mother's stress reduced

Often, during pregnancy there are emotional ups and downs in women, many women have to go through mental stress due to hormonal imbalance after delivery. In such a situation, breastfeeding the baby helps the woman to fight this problem. This causes an emotional relationship with the baby to begin, which causes the woman to get out of stress and get closer to her baby.

Comfort for mother

The mother's body needs rest after giving birth. While breastfeeding, you have to leave all work and sit. This gives comfort to the mother's body.

The benefits of breastfeeding Babies, and Moms

Environmentally friendly

Formula milk comes in storage cans, which consumes a lot of energy. This causes a lot of waste in the form of waste bottles and packets in the house. On the other hand, breastfeeding does not cause any pollution.

Breastfeeding provides physical and emotional benefits to both mother and baby. The mother must breastfeed her baby provided the mother does not have any health problems. Until six months after the birth of the baby, mother's milk fulfills all the requirements of the entire diet for the baby, so do not give your baby anything solid or liquid other than mother's milk before six months. By the year after birth, some vital organs of the baby are being formed, such as head bone, kidney, etc. So all mothers must breastfeed their babies.

When do not to breastfeed

In sickness

Breastfeeding should not be given to the mother if she has any serious infection or illness such as TB, AIDS, etc. which can also occur to the infant through milk. Breastfeeding can be done in case of normal fever etc. A doctor should be consulted in this regard.

On Medicine

Taking any medicine can have an effect on the milk. The medicine can harm the baby's body through milk, so the effect of the medicine should be consulted by the doctor.


Any type of intoxication consumed by the mother can reach the baby's body through the milk and harm it, so breastfeeding should not be done in such a condition.

Harmful factory smoke

Breast milk can be affected due to this type of environment, so one should be careful about it.

Other information related to breastfeeding

Breast size

Breastfeeding is not caused by the breasts being small or large or the size of the nipple. Breast milk and milk release are more important than breast size. Hence breasts or nipples should not be tampered with.

Breastfeeding changes the beauty of the breast

Breastfeeding does not reduce the beauty of the breast. Changes in breast size are likely due to pregnancy and not due to breastfeeding. So breastfeeding must be done. It is highly beneficial.

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