Sex when on period good or bad

Sex when on period good or bad, there are many beliefs that have changed in times of change. There was a time when women used to get periods, they were made to sit in the corner of the house. They were not allowed to go to the prayer house and the kitchen, but now people have changed their thinking, women are working out of the house, cooking in the kitchen as usual. During this time, the feeling of untouchability has changed among people, now there has been such a change that women today do not even indulge in having sex during periods.

Sex when on period good or bad

The husband often insists on the wife have a relationship even during this time. It is difficult for many people to understand the idea of forming a relationship in the meantime. Today people usually do it, without knowing whether it is right or not. But it is very important to know how right and wrong it is to have sex during periods.

What is the period?

Periods, also known as menstruation, is a natural activity occurring in women that occurs naturally after a certain interval. This natural physiological process is associated with the reproductive system of women, this process is a sign of the good health of women. Which is important for every growing girl. It is believed that the girls' menstrual cycle comes to the age of 12 or 13 years. The onset of menstruation in girls means the development of their ovaries. This means that their ovaries are now capable of producing eggs. The main role of menstruation is to conceive. At the start of the menstrual cycle, every month, one of the two ovaries of women forms an egg and releases it into the uterine placenta, which is called ovulation.

Period symptoms

About 50 percent of women experience pain during periods. 10 percent of which have unbearable pain. This pain occurs one or two days before the onset of the period or on the same day. This pain also causes pain in your lower back, back, and thighs.

Period sex
Most people think that it is not right to have sex during periods, but in reality, this notion is absolutely baseless and wrong. According to Science, there is no evidence that sexual intercourse during the period causes any health-related harm to either man or woman, but it is important that both have sexual intercourse.

Sex during period benefits

Wetness in the reproductive organs
Many people feel comfortable having sex during periods. The reason for sex on period is that during this time there is wetness in the woman private part. Because of which the relationship is more comfortable and enjoyable during this menstrual.

Low possibility of getting pregnant

During the period, the possibility of pregnancy from sex is very less. But even then the use of condoms is necessary to completely eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.

A short time of period

Repeated sex causes the woman's uterus to shrink. Blood and uterine linings are rapidly removed from the uterus after contraction. Therefore, having sex during a period also reduces the period duration and many elements that cause pain and cramp in the body also get out of the body.

Period sex without a condom

If your partner does not have pain in the abdomen or vagina during menstruation and your partner does not mind, then you can have intercourse without a condom during menstruation. It causes neither any disease nor any physical disorder. If the woman is at risk of some kind of infection from having sex during menstruation, then sex should not be done in such a condition.

Sexual arousal during the period

In women, intense desire for sex arises due to hormonal changes during the period. Therefore, women experience extreme pleasure from having sex during the period.

Period Sex as a Pain and cramps Reliever

Many times during the period, the woman's body is in pain and there is also the problem of cramps. In such a situation, by having sex, the woman gets relief from this pain and cramps. This is due to increased levels of oxytocin, dopamine hormones, and endorphins in the body. Their effect is much more than pain-relieving pills.

Relieve Extreme Irritability and Stress

Many women become very irritable during their periods. In such a situation, having sex can reduce their irritability. Because during the sex period, endorphins and oxytocin are expelled from the body. As a result, Pleasure centers are activated in the women's mind and there is a feeling of extreme pleasure. Apart from this, stress is also relieved.

What to take care of in the period of sex?

Talk to your partner about whether there is a desire for sex during periods. If you are comfortable then only have sex during this time, then refuse it clearly. Before sex, lay a sheet of plastic or dark color on the bed, so that the light color sheet does not get stained. If you have pain during sex or any kind of trouble, then tell your partner immediately. Do not force yourself if you have more trouble. If there is more pain in a particular position, try to change the position, talk about it openly with your partner.

Sex while taking a bath in period

Most people do not have the desire to have sex during periods due to filthiness. Because secretions from private parts of women are common in periods. If you want to have sex during this time, you can have sex while taking a shower in the bathroom because there is no fear of getting dirty while taking a bath.

Infection Risk from Sex during Period

During the period of sexual intercourse, it is important to pay special attention to the hygiene of the sexual organs to eliminate the possibility of any kind of infection. It is necessary to wash the sex organs with clean water before and after having sex. It is preferable if used by mixing Dettol and Sevlon in water.

Don't forget protection

During this period, there is no harm to both men and women. But for women who use tissue paper instead of water for purification, coitus during menstruation can cause infection because there is a possibility of bacterial growth due to the secretion during menstruation being close to the anus. It can be born. To avoid this, it is better to use male condoms while cohabiting with such women.

Avoid positions in period sex

Sex should be made very easily during periods. If you use more positions during the period, the female partner may have to face vaginal pain and swelling.

Risk of Pregnancy during Period

Having sex during your menstruation is perfectly fine. However, the possibility of pregnancy through a physical relationship during the period is very low, but nevertheless, the use of condoms is necessary to completely eliminate the possibility of pregnancy. Use contraception and practice safe sex at all times.

Sex during period side effects

During the period, the body of women is going through many changes. Therefore, during the period, there is a lot of doubt about doing many normal things. There is a lot of doubt in the mind about sex too, whether to have sex during the period. So, we have brought this article to answer these questions. Usually, you can say that the period does not mean that you have to give up sex. Rather, for some women, sexual relations during the period may be more enjoyable than at other times of the month. The need for lubrication decreases during the period and some studies have also shown that sex can reduce the effects of cramps related to the period. One study concluded that sexual activity can reduce migraine and cluster headache pain in some people. The prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) during the period cycle and the use of good contraception can make your sexual relationships more safe and enjoyable. But before having sex, make sure that you understand the risk of STIs, other infections, and pregnancy during the period cycle. Let us take a look at the loss of sex in this period through this article.

There is a risk of infection

It is very important to have safe sex during your period because you may have HIV infection like STIs. The virus may be present in the blood of the period, so in such a situation, the doctors insist on using condoms. You can use a male condom or female condom, anyone.

Sex when on period good or bad

The amount of yeast increases rapidly

You may also be more prone to some other infections in general at this time. According to experts, the pH level of your vagina is 3.8 to 4.5 throughout the month. But during the period, this level increases due to the high pH level of the blood, so the yeast is able to grow much faster.

Effect on blood flow

During your period your cervix may become lower and more sensitive than normal. When you have sex, use the normal position only. This will help reduce blood flow. Tell your partner about this and proceed with full care.

Q... If a woman makes physical relations during her menstruation, can she become pregnant?

By the way, it is believed that if women make a physical relationship during periods, then they are very unlikely to get pregnant. But this is not the case. In fact, women can become also pregnant during periods. There are certain circumstances during which women become pregnant.

When the duration of the monthly cycle is short

Generally, the duration of the menstrual cycle in women is of 28-30 days. But many times it happens that this cycle becomes 21 to 24 days. In such a situation, a woman can only ovulate from before time. In such a situation, there is a possibility that she can become pregnant during periods or even immediately after periods.

Sperm life is more

It is generally observed that a fertile sperm remains alive in a woman's body for 3-5 days. But if the sperm reaches the fallopian tube then its chances of survival increase and in such a situation it can survive for 7 days and if the sperm is alive then the woman can become pregnant.

Menstrual cycle should be irregular
In many cases, it has been observed that if the periods become irregular then it affects the health as well as it becomes difficult to know the date of ovulation. So if you do not know your exact date, then you can get pregnant.

Quickly when ovulation occurs
Sometimes due to lifestyle factors like stress and disease, you start to ovulate earlier than you expect. Because of this, having a physical relationship during a period increases the risk of pregnancy.

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