How to improve eyesight by Home remedies

How to improve eyesight, we are well aware that the eyes are the weakest part of the body, which is extremely important to take care of. Today's generation has started to use computers and mobiles very much, which often causes people to lose their eyes. Many children wear glasses at a young age. 

How to improve eyesight by Home remedies

The most important reason for eyeglasses can be improper eye care, nutritional deficiencies, or genetic. But weakening eyesight is a normal thing nowadays. It is not prudent to accept this problem as helplessness because weak eyesight can be corrected with the help of proper food and some home remedies. Let's look at those measures...

Home remedies to increase eyesight

Mouth saliva

After getting up in the morning, without a rinse, apply saliva in your eyes like mascara, continuously for about 6 months, this reduces the number of glasses.

Splashed of clean water

After getting up in the morning, fill the mouth with water and the eyes should be cleaned and the splashed of clean water in the eyes, this increases the light of the eyes.

Moisture of dew

Before the morning sunrise, you should regularly walk on the green grass for 15-20 minutes barefoot. There is moisture of dew on the grass. Walking on it barefoot relieves eye strain and also increases light.

Morning sunlight

Sun increases the light of the eyes. Every morning, as soon as the rays burst, at least 5 minutes gaze at the sun, and the eyes light up.

Sole massage

The soles of the feet should be massaged regularly with mustard oil. 10 minutes before bathing, by keeping the toes moistened with mustard oil, the light of the eyes remains for a long time.

Green cardamom

Grind finely the mixture of 10 grams small green cardamom, 20 grams fennel seeds. Drinking one teaspoon of powder with milk regularly increases the eyesight.

Pomegranate leaves

Grind 5 to 6 leaves of pomegranate and apply it twice a day, it provides relief in sore eyes and also increases light.


Soak 1 teaspoon of Triphala clay pot at night and wash eyes with filtered water in the morning. This increases eyesight and also does not cause any disease.

Cow ghee massage on the temple

The light of the eyes increases when massaging cow's ghee with light hands for some time daily on the temple.

Dried gooseberry

Dried gooseberry and soak it thoroughly in the water at night. Then put it in the eyes with cotton three times a day and must use gooseberry in the maximum form in your food/drink. Glasses will come off within 3 months.


Eating one teaspoon of honey daily also keeps the eyesight correct. But remember that honey is pure.

How to improve eyesight by Home remedies


Clean 300 gm fennel seeds properly and keep them in a glass vessel, now fry the fennel thrice with almond and carrot juice. When it is dry, take it daily with milk, it also increases eyesight.

Pure ghee

Pure ghee should be stored in an iron vessel. The use of this ghee keeps the eyes light on. Putting two or two drops of old but pure ghee in the nose is also beneficial.

Green coriander

Wash the green coriander, after thoroughly cleaning it, grind it, and extract its juice. Put two drops of its juice in your eyes every morning and evening. This will increase the light of your eyes. Even if there are glasses in his eyes, his number decreases or it will go off at all.

Agastya tree flowers

The flowers of the Agastya tree are useful for night blindness. Soak these flowers in water and after some time mash them and keep them on closed eyes.

Walnut oil

Massage walnut oil around your eyes to remove eyeglasses. This helps to brighten the eyes and also remove the glasses from the eyes. This is a very easy but surefire solution.


Onion is also a good option to increase poor eyesight or eyesight. For this, mix one drop of onion juice in one drop of honey and apply it like mascara in your eyes before sleeping at night. Using it, your eyes can be fixed as before.


If your eyes are burning, you can clean the eyes with rose water. Take 2 large pieces of cotton wool and dip it in a rose jab and keep it on the eyes. This will remove eye irritation. Even if headaches persist due to eye discomfort, this remedy will be beneficial. This will also relieve headaches.


For every type of disease of the eyes like waterfall, eyes, weakness of the eyes, etc. Soaking eight almonds at night and grinding it in the morning and drinking it mixed with water keeps the eyes healthy.

How to improve eyesight by Home remedies


Toast alum like 1 gram of gram and put it in 100 grams of rose water. Put four to five drops of this rose water in the eyes every night while sleeping.


If you have problems with your eyes, then drinking cinnamon tea will also be beneficial for you. Cinnamon tea is helpful in reducing the tension in the veins. It also provides relief to the eyes.

What to do and don'ts to Keep Eyes Healthy

  • First of all, wake up in the morning and rub your palms together to exercise the eyes when the palms become hot, then after that put this process on your eyes with light hands, this process will relieve eye strain and your eyes will get relief. To remove glasses, do Kapalbhati, Anulom Antonyms, Jal Neti, Pranayam and wake up daily in the morning.
  • Take a pencil for 5 to 10 minutes every day and make it in front of your eyes and focus your attention on it, this process increases the focus of the eyes and it is also called Tarakat.
  • Negative Ions are produced by the cold air in the morning, which gives coolness to the eyes, must wake up in the morning, and go around every day so that you too remain healthy and your eyes too.
  • Rotate your eyes round and round according to the time of the clock, do this at least 5 times daily.
  • Blink your eyes four or five times a day, then close it and open it three to four times a day.
  • To increase the light of the eyes, it is very important to have the right diet on time. For this, you should consume fish, this will solve the problem of Dry Eye Syndrome of your eyes. Apart from this, you can also eat spinach, eggs, grapes and carrots, cabbage, oranges in season. It is full of nutrients and brightens the eyesight.
  • If there is no dehydration in the eyes, then you should splash your eyes with cold water, it will always keep the eyes clean. If you are coming from somewhere or from a long journey, then go home and wash your eyes once with cold water.
  • Getting complete sleep will give relief to your eyes as well as your entire body and will never feel headaches, fatigue, blurry in the eyes and most of all your eye muscles will be relaxed so that the eyes will always be healthy. Good sleep is necessary for eye health.
  • Eat green vegetables daily in the morning and evening because the vitamins in green vegetables make the eyes healthy and beautiful and increase eyesight.
  • Eat salads along with food as salads intensify your entire body as well as your eyesight.
  • Fried food causes damage to the eyes, while the food cooked in milk is beneficial for the eyes. Mixing honey in cold sweet and eating it in the morning helps in correcting the eyesight.
  • Use sunglasses in the sun while getting out of the house or while driving so that strong sun rays do not fall directly on your eyes and do not harm the eyes, and wear sunglasses as youth protection.
  • Whenever you are using an electronic item, always keep its brightness low, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. While using all these, you should take care that the light does not load on your eyes and protect your eyes.
  • Always protect your eyes from AC, which is directly on your eyes. The direct cold air of AC causes fear of blindness or corneal disease.
  • It is not appropriate to wake up when it is time for sleep when the eyes start getting heavy. Sleeping after sunrise, sleeping during the day, and waking up late at night have a bad effect on the eye and slowly the eyes start to become dry and lifeless. There is a black circle under the eyes and the light is also less.
  • To increase eyesight, definitely include onion and garlic in your diet. These contain sulfur, which produces glutathione for the eyes, an antioxidant, which increases the light of the eyes.
  • Mainly if seen, people who constantly use laptops, computers or mobiles do not blink their eyelids frequently, they should blink a little while working. This keeps the eyes relaxed and refreshed, which also gives the eyes a rest.
  • One should not read continuously during the journey and lying in bed. Give sufficient rest to the eyes while studying. Also, do not stare at the extra sun.
  • Continually watching TV reduces the light of the eyes because of the deadly rays emanating from the TV cause great harm to our eyes. Never too close or too far and should not even watch TV while lying down.
  • To keep the eyes healthy, avoid eating late at night, and also avoid senior food.
  • At least once or twice a year, eyes must have a check to the doctor. This is the best way to keep the eyes healthy and beautiful as it can quickly detect problems in the eyes. Due to which the disease is also treated on time and there is no problem in doing any further work.
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