How to dice an onion

How to dice an onion, it is necessary to cut onions into small, similar pieces, for many recipes, so that they can cook evenly. The good thing is that there are many easy ways to cut onions, in which the knife does not slip. As long as you have a sharp knife, you will be able to prepare onions for almost any kind of recipe. There are some tips to dice an onion.

How to dice an onion

Always cut the onion with a sharp knife

When cutting the onion enzymes are released so the onion should always be cut with a knife. Even if you work differently, always cut the onion with a pointed knife so that it can be cut quickly.

Allow the onion to cool in the freezer before cutting

This reduces the amount of acid enzyme in the air and does not affect its taste. According to some food experts, this is the most effective way to reduce onion burns and tears.

Note: - Keep in mind that do not keep the onions near the apples or potatoes in the fridge, nor keep them in the fridge for long (20 minutes is enough) - if you do this, the stench in the fridge will fail.

Cut the onion in water

This is a great way, but a little understanding will be required. Onions are shattered in water, so it is important to hold them, chop them, then drain them, execute them properly. If you choose this method, make a plan in advance.

Many people say that the onion should be cut into "flowing" water, but this process can be a bit difficult. Hands do not move properly in running water.

Cut the onion near hot water steam

Hot kettle or hot pan water may help you. Steam extracts the vapor from the onion and neutralizes its acid.

Inhale through the mouth, take out the tongue

In this process, gas is taken out of your wet tongue. This is ignored by the olfactory nerves, which are located in the tear duct nerves and your tears do not flow. When you forget and start breathing through your nose again, tears immediately start flowing.

Soak the onion in water

This will make the enzymes inactive by the water-air boundary. However, the onion gets a bit slippery with this method and there is a slight difference in its taste as well. When you cut the onion, you can try this method.

Play the city while working

Playing the city brings out an important air that keeps the onion mist away from your eyes.

Put a small piece of bread in your mouth

People say that chewing does not cause tears when cutting an onion. Chew the bread very slowly. There will be water in your mouth, which will be a bit of a problem, but water will not come out of your eyes.

You can also use a mask or gas-tight glasses

If you have swimming or chemistry goggles "which measure your face", you can use them as well. But if these glasses are not for the measurement of your face, then they are of no use, because even then, while cutting the onion, water will flow from your eyes.

Cut the onion near a window or fan

So that the gas does not come near your eyes. Cut the onion on your stove and use the airway. Or an open window, door otherwise go out and cut the onion and also enjoy the air.

Use a candle

Before cutting the onion, keep the candle near the floor. The gas that comes out of the onion will be pulled by the low of the candle.

This is not the best way, although many people say that it actually overshadows the onion smell and not ends it. But yes, there is definitely a good fragrance in your kitchen.

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