How is the best way to get pregnant, Foods, and Lifestyle

How is the best way to get pregnant, Mastering in artistry is the biggest help in getting pregnant quickly? Mastering in artistry has the amazing ability to transform your emotions. We must have the knowledge to use lust in the right way at the right time. So that we can do the best conversion of sexual action as family growth. The ability to have sex and the right skill, both of which contribute a lot to getting pregnant. How are you doing sex, how is its implementation, all these things should be taken care of? It affects the conception the most. Your partner should be a full partner, competent, and caring.

How is the best way to get pregnant, Foods, and Lifestyle

Hurrying in sex activities does not give the required benefit, so start comfortably and slowly reach the peak position. After semen is secreted, keep it in the vagina for 10/15 minutes, then the woman should lie down at that time and take special care that the semen does not fall below the vagina at all. This time is considered the best time to get pregnant. At this time, any form of contemplation should stop thinking and keep trying to feel the speed of the sperm. Pay full attention to identify the subtle motion of the sperm. After ejaculation, the work of the male ceases and the entire important role is in the hands of the woman. This is the time for the sperm to meet the egg in the uterus through the Fallopian tube. If the sperm comes in contact with the egg, then the rest of the process is done automatically. The time frame plays the most important role and it is very important to hold it which is possible only with regular practice and patience.

In the present times, due to catering and changing lifestyles and career preferences, either the marriage is delayed or they postpone the planning of the children for a few years. Almost every young couple is the victim of this change. For this, they consume plenty of birth control pills for pregnancy, which in the end causes weakness in the uterus and the secretion of hormones is affected. Similarly, due to the increasing influence of Western culture chilling in India, people also weaken themselves by taking powerful medicines like drugs and Viagra, due to which their sperm decreases and their productivity is affected due to less sperm. It causes many problems in pregnancy. Remember, no matter how much science is done, the basic nature of Architectural cannot change. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to recover back when the sperm count is reduced, so only by maintaining a healthy lifestyle can we conceive early without hindrance. 

If you feel that any lifestyle-related problems have arisen in our midst, then consult a qualified doctor and try to increase your lineage by taking appropriate medicines. Will surely succeed. Make regular use of sugar candy and dark chocolate. Consume more protein because they do all these effects. 

Keep the enthusiasm and passion intact

These two things affect the love the most. As long as there is no complete enthusiasm and dedication towards any task, then there is a lack of feeling in it and that lack only affect the goal. 

Modern technology and tools

Make modern technology and tools a part of your personal lifestyle. This increases the juice of life and this juice produces happiness. These zeal and happiness are the biggest, infallible and important tonic of dynasty growth which is the best and best by thousands of other measures. 

Do yoga

Do yoga regularly, it will increase physical and mental energy, which is very important for pregnancy.

Positive atmosphere

Before conceiving, the atmosphere in the house should be peaceful. An atmosphere of disturbance creates negative thoughts.

Listen to melodious music

Listening to melodious and elegant music regularly creates a positive atmosphere and helps in the secretion of testosterone hormones.

Do devotion to God

Do devotion to God regularly in the house, from which positive energy is produced and this energy is manifested in the infant coming in the form of sacraments.

Be positive

Keep pure ideological thoughts and remember God and do sexual acts.

Strong spiritually

Become strong spiritually and always maintain unwavering faith in God. This unwavering faith will appear as energy and will contribute to increasing your lineage. 

Choose the time appropriately 

The biggest and important thing about pregnancy is to choose the time appropriately. From the 10th day of the menstrual period to the 21st day, the eggs are in a fully developed state. In this period, intercourse between a late-night to sunrise is the most likely possibility of a union of sperm and ovum. At this time, both the husband and wife try to ejaculate simultaneously at the same time. And the woman should remain under the man and keep the semen in the vagina for maximum time. So that the sperm and egg can reach the uterus at a smooth speed and they can get a chance to grow. The process of union and development takes place in the form of a fetus. Regularize this activity in a calm manner until the good news of conception is not received. Becoming a parent is considered to be the greatest happiness in this world. Even in the scriptures, liberation from maternal/paternal debt is considered the means of salvation.

How is the best way to get pregnant, Foods, and Lifestyle

Right position 

Use the known position of sex from time to time. Use a 69 sex position as much as possible. They feel a different thrill and new sensations that make you capable of reproduction.

Sex has been made a taboo subject in India. Creating a new one by breaking them by the people and social beliefs has now become both a demand and a compulsion for modern society.

With proper treatment 

From time immemorial, countless people used to die while listening to taunts such as nectar or childlessness. Even if most of them did not have such social barriers, they could have avoided such taunts and run their dynasty with proper treatment. Such people, who have trouble reaching the peak, should also make oral sex a part of sexual activity. This action also creates a tremendous atmosphere for conceiving that can only be felt. It is impossible to describe the benefits of this action and infinite happiness in words.

Artificial insemination 

Do not expect miracles at all. When both men and women are physically capable of reproduction and there are no disorders, defects, or deformities in them, then only you can conceive. If there is any type of physical disorder and organ defect, no strength in the world can be carried out until the disorder or defect is completely eradicated. Even modern science (IVF) and despite the development of techniques like artificial insemination, it is able to conceive only incapable people. The sperm of a male is transplanted in a woman's womb, yet they are transplanted only after examining their capacity and the position and capacity of the woman's uterus and Fallopian tube, otherwise, it does not accept the type. No matter how well science can be done, basic properties cannot be changed. Everyone has to obey the laws of nature. Therefore, the first condition is that it is mandatory for both of you to be physically and mentally competent. Only after this, the work of the dynasty can be increased further.

Learn from Kamasutra text 

According to Vatsyayan, the real text of Kamasutra should be read by all people according to me. He has explained in detail about almost every aspect related to sex-related 64 arts and from conception to physical mental disorder and their diagnosis. There is hardly any topic related to sex and pregnancy in this book.

Wait for pregnancy 

First of all, a lot of patience is required in pregnancy because all women and men have their own nature and abilities. It takes some time to adapt to the human body to the activities performed. When grown organisms in two different environments are physically and mentally united, then there are many physical changes in hormones and in this period, the body starts to adapt itself to the growth of offspring. Therefore patience is also necessary for sex, it is not necessary to conceive in a short time. So, wait for some time.

Consult with an honest and good doctors 

However, if you are taking too long to conceive and you are not getting results, then you should consult any good gynecologist and fertility specialist and follow their advice. Nowadays, dishonesty and cheating have started happening in every business, so doctors are not untouched by this, so consult a doctor with an honest and good image and get examined.

Fully fit and qualified 

Then both husband and wife make sure that they are physically capable of breeding or not! Because if there was any disorder or weakness in either of them, then no matter how much and no matter how much you conceive, it is impossible to conceive. In men, problems such as low sperm count, dilution of semen, or tuberculosis of the testicle result in partial or complete pregnancy, and in women, the block or blockage of the Fallopian tube, the cervix is ​​not fully developed or the uterus. The law of menstruation when the mouth is tight and there is a high amount of acid there so that the sperm of the male ends up on the way. Shall not be used to but cannot be pregnant because of the usual problems. Pregnancy is not a boon or miracle, it is a purely scientific process. If both men and women are fully fit and qualified, then only they will be able to conceive.

As much as possible while doing the sexual activity, the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. The more you stay. The less you hurry, the more possibilities will increase. When the husband and wife come to a peak, both try to ejaculate, this is the best chance of pregnancy. The position of sex should be such that the semen does not come out of the vagina at all and remain to lie down for quite a long time. Sperms also have a movement, their right direction and direction is also an important part of pregnancy. While having both sexes, try to be completely extreme with concentration. For this, physical and mental health and good catering are very helpful. Try to stretch the sex time as much as possible. And for this, he kept experimenting, learning new postures, and other things. When a man ejaculates, the woman should come down and keep the sperm in the vagina for a long time so that they can have proper contact in the uterus. They will decide the speed ahead of it.

Fell emotions
If possible before having normal sex, then do oral sex, it reaches your emotions at the peak, which causes more secretion of hormones that support reproduction and also create a happy environment.

Monitor menstruation Cycle

Keep in mind the time of menstruation and the time between 10 days to 20 days of menstruation is considered to be the best time for conception because at this time the eggs are in a fully developed state.

Be happy
Keep patience and be happy. Have full faith in God, which also creates a positive environment that helps a lot in pregnancy. Always keep a distance from negative people and powers, these people do not see happiness coming in anyone's life. We want their negativity and bad attitudes can affect our personal life.

How is the best way to get pregnant, Foods, and Lifestyle

Stay calm while having sex, do not take any negative and mindful thoughts out of the subject. Maharishi Vatsyayan has clearly written in Kamasutra that taking care of someone else during sexual activity is also a sin. Was that deviating attention to sexual activity also affects fertility and negative thoughts coming at that time changes the secretion of hormones. Scientists also by their research by have confirmed.

To get pregnant soon, along with physical satisfaction, there is an ego of mental satisfaction and happiness arising from it. So stay happier this time.

From late-night before sunrise, the chances of conception doubles. Our body clock releases the best hormones at this time.

Women and men who get pregnant soon must make some necessary changes in their food and lifestyle, such as…

1. Tamarind Lemon pickle and acid-forming food should be used in the least quantity. As they have acid properties that reduce the speed of the sperm released from the semen or nests the sperm on the way.

2. Close more or less oily and greasy and fried foods at least or completely.

3. Instead of 3 sugar, use jaggery more.

4. If you stop being obese and become obese, then try to lose weight.

5. Reduce your intake of more medicines and alcohol more.

6. Do more Sattvic food and food should be lighter. Use more items made of coarse flour than rice. These increase the number of sperm.

7. If you can eat eggs then you must eat it but if you boil it will be more beneficial.

8. Always keep a sense of descent growth in the mind and pray regularly to your ancestors and God. Spiritual feeling also gives very quick and good results.

9. Be patient while having sex and do not have sex with any kind of medicine or intoxication. Try to pull as much as you can from the time of sex by mutual understanding. Make regular use of white muslin hour Ashwagandha. White Musli is the highest price for a love count, buy it yourself from a grocer's shop.

10. The time between each woman's menstrual cycles is that of ovulation. The monthly cycle of a healthy woman is considered to be 28 days. The day the woman begins her period is considered the first day. Ovulation occurs on the 14th day after the period begins. Sex between 12 and 18 days after the onset of the period makes the pregnancy fast.

11. A woman's ovulation time is the time when the woman's fertility is highest, so having sex during this stage is beneficial.

12. If the woman has sex from seven days after her menstruation to seven days before the start of the next menstruation, pregnancy can be stopped quickly.

13. To be pregnant at the right time, to have sex right time, this time is determined by the time of ovulation of the woman.

14. Folic acid is an important vitamin, which is also used by doctors. When you plan to get pregnant, start this vitamin casserole a few months before that. Your doctor can also prescribe this vitamin.

15. Keep your iron level right and do not let your blood loss.

16. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and are unsuccessful, you can get your ovulation study checked by talking to a doctor. This will let you know what your fertile day is. This day can be different for all women.

17. These are three important things. If you are not getting pregnant even after trying for 6 months, consult your doctor today. They will do some tests which will be necessary for you.

18. In Ayurvedic treatment, drink hot milk every night and also give it to your husband. Stop your husband from drinking alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Garlic also increases fertility.

The doctor's advice is most important the sooner you talk to the doctor, the more you will benefit.

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