Home remedy for constipation, Causes, Symptoms, Diet

Home remedy for constipation, Constipation is a common disease. In which the stool comes out easily or less by the action of the intestine. If constipation is not treated soon, many disorders occur in the body. Constipation means not having a clear stomach every day.

Home remedy for constipation, Causes, Symptoms, Diet

A healthy person should go for bowel movement twice a day, i.e. in the morning and evening. It is necessary to visit at least once if not twice. Regularly getting a bowel movement at least in the morning is a sign of health, and not being able to do it is a sign of sickness. If a person does not go on time ignoring the fear of the toilet, then constipation becomes a problem. Water plays an important role in removing all toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water regularly reduces the risk of constipation. People who drink less water have a constipation problem.

As a person grows old! The chances of diseases occurring to him keep increasing. By slowing down the power of a person's digestive system, it normally slows down the rate, which results in reduced bowel activity. Decreased bowel activity along with muscles in the digestive system leads to constipation.

Causes of constipation

Feeling of water in the body, hard stools, excessive stress, inability to a bowel movement, or feeling unable to empty your bowel completely, drinking too much tea or coffee. Smoking and drinking Due to intestinal, liver, and spleen disease. It is possible for patients with diabetes to have digestive problems, inadequate daily fluid intake, inadequate exercise, inadequate dietary fiber intake, tobacco consumption by other means, and drug abuse. Eat less food than you are hungry. The right way to eat is to eat healthy food until 60% of the stomach is filled, but some people eat very little during the dieting phase. It does not reach the body with fiber and causes constipation. The problem of hormones, thyroid, or sugar also causes constipation. Those who do not do any kind of physical work can also get constipation. Those who work continuously for hours also get constipation.

Common physical symptoms of constipation

If you suffer from constipation then it has adverse effects on your body and mind. The digestive system deteriorates due to constipation. Apart from this, problems such as headaches, stomach gas, loss of appetite, the feeling of weakness, and nausea are also present. Similarly, pimples appear on the face, black spots arise, the stomach does not clear even after defecation. Feeling of heaviness in the stomach and torsion. Apart from this, the color of the tongue becomes white or beige, smelling from the mouth, back pain, frequent blisters in the mouth, etc. are also common physical symptoms of constipation.

How is constipation?

Lack of fiber in the diet depends to a great extent that people who have a good amount of fiber in their diet are less likely to suffer from constipation. It is important to consume foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The fiber in the body strengthens the digestive system and prevents constipation. Foods that are low in fiber include fatty foods high, such as cheese, meat, and eggs. Excess intake of these causes constipation.

Constipation can occur if any person becomes physically inactive. It is more common in older people, especially those with jobs.

Types of constipation

Such people, who work for long periods of time, have a significantly increased risk of constipation. Experts believe so. Due to which the processes in the body decrease. It is considered to be of three types based on physical activities.

Common constipation (normal transit constipation)

It is considered to be the most common. A person suffering from this type of constipation feels difficulty in bowel movements, but according to his routine, he keeps bowel movements normally. The person does not have any problems with such constipation.

Moderate type of constipation (slow transit constipation)

It is a problem arising from a disorder of the large intestine. The nerves of the intracervical nervous system play an important role in defecation. These nerves bring defecation from the large intestine. This nerve abnormality causes slow transit constriction.

Defecation disorder

Of these, 50% suffer from a disorder. Experts give the exact reason for this. Some experts believe that dysfunction in the visceral organs and their interconnected relationship is the main cause of the disorder.

How does constipation affect bladder control?

Constipation can cause accidental leakage from your bladder. A fully filled intestine will reduce the amount of urine stored by your bladder and you will feel the need to go to the toilet more often and quickly. Blood pressure also increases in this type of constipation.

Home remedy for constipation, Causes, Symptoms, Diet

What does it mean to be rules?

You can stop your bowel movement until you go to the toilet. Once you sit on the toilet, you can start a bowel movement. You feel like you have emptied your bowel completely. Going to the toilet between 4 times a day to 4 times a week is a rule, it can be different for each person.

Home remedy for constipation

You can adopt these home remedies to treat constipation.

Intake of dry grapes

Soak about 8-10 grams dry grapes in the water at night. Take out its seeds in the morning and boil it in milk, and drink milk.

With castor oil

Drink 1-2 spoons of castor oil in a glass of warm milk at night. This home remedy is very useful to relieve constipation.

Vine fruit

Bell fruit is very beneficial for the constipation problem. Eat half a cup of pulp, and one teaspoon of jaggery, before meals in the evening. Bel syrup also helps in constipation.

Cumin and Thyme

Fry cumin and parsley on a low flame and grind them. Add black salt to it and mix the three in equal quantity and keep it in the box. Drink half a teaspoon daily with lukewarm water. It is an effective home remedy to relieve constipation.


Drink one teaspoon of roasted fennel with hot water before going to bed at night. Flammable oils found in fennel improve digestion, and increase the production of gastric enzymes.

Use of gram

Gram is very beneficial in the constipation problem. It should be eaten by soaking or boiling. Grind cumin or dry ginger in gram and consume it.

Ripe bananas

Eat ripe bananas with milk.


Grind flax seeds and take one spoon before going to bed at night. You have to take it with water.

Triphala Churna

  • Take Triphala powder with warm water before going to bed at night. By doing this for 6 months, chronic constipation problem is also cured.
  • Ten g Parsley, ten g Triphala, and 10g make a powder by crushing rock salt. 3-5 g every day Take a quantity of powder with lukewarm water. Triphala powder is considered to be a very effective remedy for the treatment of chronic constipation.

Other Home Remedies to Cure Constipation

These home remedies also greatly benefit in the treatment of constipation: -
  • Take 2 spoons jaggery daily with hot milk.
  • Eat dried figs in milk, and drink milk.
  • Take one spoon of Triphala powder with warm water before going to bed at night.
  • Wake up in the morning and mix black salt in lemon juice.
  • Take papaya at dinner.
  • Drink two spoons of desi ghee in a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

Your Diet in Constipation

To get relief from constipation, your food should be like this:-
  • Consume more and more fruits, vegetables, and fibrous diet, because lack of fiber-rich diet is also a main cause of constipation. 20-30g daily diet. Must contain fiber. Also, keep in mind that consuming high amounts of fiber can result in gas and flatulence.
  • In fruits, eat more grapes, papaya, apricots, figs, pineapple, and pear. These fruits are beneficial in the constipation problem.
  • In vegetables, eat green leafy vegetables like cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and spinach.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily, and drink fluids.
  • Eat mixed gram flour in wheat flour.

Your Lifestyle in Constipation Disease

Your lifestyle plays the most important role in treating constipation. If you make appropriate changes in your lifestyle, you can easily get rid of constipation. Let us know how your lifestyle should be.
  • Eat on time, and eat the second time only after the first meal is digested.
  • Leave the habit of waking up at night forever.
  • Try to live a stress-free life.
  • Do yoga.

Avoid These in Constipation

  • The patient of constipation should not consume milk and cottage cheese too much.
  • Do not eat things made of fine flour.
  • Stay away from oily and chili-spicy foods.
  • In constipation, the diet should be taken mainly to soothe Vata. A diet with cold properties should be avoided. Warm qualities and well-cooked food should be consumed.

The doctor's advice is most important the sooner you talk to the doctor, the more you will benefit.

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