Attraction to Men and Women

Attraction to men and women, mainly men and women do not know a fundamental fact about attraction? When we asked our loved ones, nobody knew about it. That's why we wrote to share this article with you. This has been found in many kinds of research in psychology and this is also the purpose of writing our answer. Attraction to men and women.

Attraction to Men and Women

Attraction to men and women, we have written it according to health? Do not discriminate against anyone on this basis.

What is the attraction?

The single line answer is, when a thing gets absorbed in your eyes then it is called attraction. Nature has taken the 'concept of attraction' only to run this creation smoothly. If there was no attraction, nothing would have happened. Think for yourself, if this attraction is not there, then why would people relate to each other? People will do their work at home and go to sleep at night. In this way, the process of the reproduction will stop and this creation will come to an end after some time. The concept of attraction has been taken for smooth breeding.

There is no harm in attraction. This is natural. The problem comes when you give this attraction the form of love. That is not loving, that is lust. When you see a beautiful girl, a hormone comes out of your mind that attracts you towards it and you give this attraction the name of love.

When you were younger, you were not attracted to anyone because those hormones did not release in your body at that time, but as you grew, those hormones started secreting and you started getting attracted to the opposite sex. You have to understand the same thing that these are all hormones games. If the nerves of those hormones are closed, then for you men and women will all be equal.

A man is attracted to a woman because his hormones are stimulating him. By understanding this, you can deal with attraction. 'Life is an attraction or else death gives more happiness than life.'

Before writing this article, we want to tell that we are writing this answer for the knowledge of health and psychology and there are no Sexual things in it.

Attraction to women

Why is men's physical attraction towards girls? There has always been a discussion among people about what men like the most among women. If you think that the face of women attracts men the most, then it is completely wrong. Not only the figure, but there are many other things which attract men. Most people think of different organs of girls. So someone talks about an eye than a face and someone other things. Let's know about the attraction of women.

The ratio of Waist and Hip

If we talk about attraction only then it is the most important ratio of the hips and the waist. To know this, you have to measure the waist from where it is shown and the hip from there as shown below. This suggestion belongs to the World Health Organization.

Attraction to Men and Women

Which of the Waist and Hip ratios makes women the most attractive? It has been found in all the research conducted that if this ratio is 0.7, then it is the most attractive ratio for women. It has been found in every country and every culture of the world that the ratio of females waist and hip to 0.7. Such women are considered to be attracted to every civilization. The best ratio for a male is considered to be 0.8. However, there are some subjective things behind the beauty that we are not refusing. But this ratio cannot be denied too.

What is the reason for the attraction of waist and hip ratio?

Its relation is with health and fertility. It has been found that the ratio of estrogen to women in the ratio of 0.7 is appropriate and they have very little risk of illness. They have very little chance of heart disease, ovarian cancer, diabetes, etc. There is also a very scientific reason for this. Those who have more stress or have some biological diseases, the ratio of them is higher because the cortisol is generated in our body due to stress. Which increases this ratio because the intestine fat increases due to the cortisol. This also applies to men. If this ratio is more than 0.8, then they may also have many diseases. Its direct directive in research was found in how many children of a woman in different civilizations. The more the children are, the ratio increases. The scientific reason for this is that when a woman has fewer children, they have more LPUFAs inside them which are necessary for the development of the brain of the next child.

Effects of other parts of the body

We would like to point out that due to other parts of the body, our perception changes. And the same ratio seems different to us. That is why we are not saying that there is no effect on other parts of the body.

There are some organs that, after seeing, women begin to attract men, and these body parts also drag men to their side.

Foot forearm

The women's foot pulls men towards themselves. The feet of women wearing high heels attract a lot of men. Apart from this, if the toes of the toes are full of colorful nail polish, then what to say.

Women's back

There is also a lot of enthusiasm about the backs of women in men. A little folded backward attracts men to their side, and if a tattoo is made on the back, the matter of that back separates itself.

Female figure

Every man likes a fit and feminine figure. The women who have got the stomach, the men run away from them. But women who have stomach tend to attract more men.

Women's hair

Women's hair shows their attitudes and hair also changes their look. Men like different designer’s hairstyles of women.

Women's waist

Most men's eyes are on the waist of women. Man is attracted to the women's waist as much as of the woman's beauty. It is said that the magic of the thin waist goes more on men.

Smile of women

The smile of a woman is her biggest pride. Every man gets dragged towards him by looking at the laughing lady.

Women's lips

The pink lips of women pull each man towards themselves. Looking at the face of a woman, the attention of men first goes to her lips, and if the woman has put a beautiful lipstick on her lips then what is the matter.

Women's breast

Women's Breast is one of those parts which is quite sexy. Men are most attracted to it. It is also a very important part of sex. Men's attention towards the perfect curved shape breast is the most.

Women's butt

The butt of women attracts men's attention. Many men adore it in a very strange way. However, they pull men towards themselves. The way women wear sexy clothes also nets on their butt.

Attraction to men and women

Women's eyes

The eyes of any woman speak to her character. Most men have been seen praising women's eyes. Most men have been seen praising women's eyes. Highlighted eyes of women also make them sexy.

Attraction to men

Just as every boy discovers some qualities in his dream girl, similarly every girl also wants her dream boy to be something special. Now in such a situation, the question arises that what things do girls like in boys? Or what are the things that a girl seeks out in her partner? Some people feel that girls are only attracted to physical things but this is not the case. Some people believe that girls favor boys' looks but this is also not completely correct. Beyond all these things for girls, there are some things that she likes to see in her partner.

Tall body

Women themselves are attracted to tall men, there are no two opinions about this. If women think of their favorite man, then in their opinion they find themselves as tall men. The ability of men to own a tall body causes the first attraction in any woman.


This is the first part of men that any woman first notices. Women like curvy wide-shouldered men.


Everyone is crazy whether it is a man or a woman with beautiful eyes. Yes, women understand the condition of any man's heart by looking at their eyes.


You will be surprised to know that girls often like boys who have a waist V shape. Boys of such waistline are very attracted to girls.


You must have heard till today that men are attracted to the beautiful lips of women. Let me tell you that not only men but beautiful lips are also liked by women.


It has been seen that the behavior of men of the wide and the shapely chest is very good in men, provided their stomach is inside. Because the stomach of a person is outside, then his chest will never be seen in the Mirror? Women have wide crazes and fantasies of wide chested men. This part is the special choice of women. She wants to touch and feel it. The boys especially work hard on this part in the gym. He exercised day and night to make his chest more attractive.


Well-groomed and prevalent hair-styles are prevalent among women. She wants her partner to have a well-groomed body as well as good hair so that she can show it to her friends and relatives without any hesitation and to increase her respect in society due to her partner and her fame in Spread. If a man has silky smooth hair and denseness in them, then the male is able to attract the woman separately. Because women give as much importance to their own hair as to their entire body. The entire body of women on one side and their hair on the other. Their attraction towards healthy hair is seen soon, whether it is in a man or a woman.


Men are very fond of showing arms in half-sleeves T-shirts. The funny thing is that getting women to do this is also very popular for women. She also wants her partner to show her good-looking body to everyone, and people praise women for the reasons that your partner is really beautiful or fit.

Thighs & hips

A man whose body is strong below the waist, his body looks, as attractive and fascinated. Well-toned thighs men are very dear to women because their body structure from top to bottom appears to be the same and looks very attractive. It means to say that if a man is the owner of a full-body, he is easily attracted. Women with normal bodies like to see men heavier and wider than themselves. The main reason for this is for women to feel safe with them.

Fit and shape body

Women are attracted to men who are fit and shape. Here it is not necessary that the gym's gymnast is the choice of women. It seems too many men that women give preference to the body of Jim's dole. While this is not so. A man can judge a woman on the pattern of her body, but a woman does not make men her choice on the basis of the body. Surprisingly, he attracts women more than Jim's body. One reason for this is that the average body man, women automatically find themselves more trustworthy. Women give great priority to man's loyalty.

Although a person can keep his body fit by exercising and practicing yoga, even the person who controls the most important part of his body - Tongue, and if he chooses to speak the words when necessary, he can only Not only women but can leave a good impression on everyone's mental-panels. All of us must first learn to speak by overcoming our minds. Then by creating a good body, we can perform one spell on anyone.

To say these things are very common, but a girl wants her life-partner to have all these characteristics.

Be respectful

Every girl wants that the boy she is thinking of spending her life with knows how to respect others. He understands the feelings of others and knows how to respect them. For him, family respect matters and he gives the same respect to his partner's family as he gives to his family.

Seriousness is important

No girl would like her partner to act like children. He likes serious, decision-making, and candid boys. Emotionally weak boys are not attracted to them.

It is important, to be honest

No girl will like that her partner is flirt type. It is very important to have honesty in the relationship. This matters a lot for girls.


Girls do not like boys who just keep saying their own. He is greatly disturbed by the boys who listen less and speak more.

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