What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriage

What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriageVirginity is a condition in which a person has never had sexual intercourse. Special values ​​and importance have been given to cultural and religious traditions, especially unmarried women, matters and values ​​, etc. associated with the idea of ​​personal purity. Like chastity, the concept of virginity traditionally involves sexual abstinence before marriage and engaging in sexual acts with one's spouse only after marriage.

What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriage

Premarital intercourse, which indicates more than one the occasion of sexual activity, the term is originally known only to sexually inexperienced women but encompasses a wide range of different definitions, defining it as traditional, modern, and ethical concepts.

Bleeding after losing virginity

Bleeding due to the rupture of hymen present in the female private part is not proof of virginity. The truth is that some women do not have a hymen at birth. In many women, this layer is extremely elastic and does not rupture even during intercourse. Not only this, but many women also do not even know about their rupture. Hymen can also be harmed for other reasons without having sex. It can also damage sports, dancing, and horse riding, or sitting on two-wheelers.

Whether or not a girl is a virgin, it can be ascertained in only two ways - either she is pregnant or she herself accepts it. A safe hymen can never be a proof of virginity, because nowadays even by performing a small operation, an artificial hymen can be placed. Many doctors are having such cases. Now medical science has grown so much that a plastic surgeon can easily make hymen-like tissues. This procedure is called hymenoplasty.

Facts say that only 42 percent of women have bleeding during the first intercourse. Therefore it is not prudent to say that being bleed for the first time means being a virgin.

Note: - Remember, virginity is not the only basis for Happy Marriage. It is important that a relationship of honesty and trust is maintained between the two partners.

How to get your virginity back before marriage?

What can be the way to get back to virginity depends on how virginity is defined. In general, orthodox society, especially in India believes that the presence of a vagina in a woman's vagina is evidence of virginity when in fact it is not. Hymen refers to the membrane that partially covers the outer entrance of the vagina or mostly covered.

What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriage

In many countries, due to a lack of scientific knowledge, it is believed that if the husband does not have bleeding due to vaginal rupture from the wife's vagina after intercourse on the first night after marriage, then the wife is not a virgin. It is a type of virginity test done by family and society which is not scientifically correct.

Earlier, when child marriages took place, there was a very high probability of the vagina being present due to the age of the wife and bleeding from the rupture of the vagina on the first sexual intercourse by the husband, but currently when the girls are married 27 - Being at 28 or even older, then expecting that the honeymoon is still bleeding from the vagina is not practical because the sad Usually, the vagina also bursts from activities like physical exercise, sports, cycling, etc. Apart from this, due to the marriage age, most girls, especially those who go out of the house for higher studies or to live in hostels, paying guest facilities or rented houses, masturbation to control natural and human functioning, etc. Activities begin due to which the vagina is also damaged. Some of them are free and open-minded girls from their boyfriends to have sex with them, due to which their vagina is also damaged.

Currently, some girls get vaginal restorations done shortly before marriage by a procedure called hymenoplasty.

Although the vagina is restored by this procedure, it cannot be said that it returned virginity.

What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriage

A virgin is said to be someone who has never had sex. If someone has had sex once, then he or she is no longer a virgin because the virginity is undone by undoing the sexual act that he has done. It cannot be obtained.

I think the concept of virginity is illogical. Just as a human body has all the organs like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc., women have vaginas and men have a penis. Therefore, it seems impractical and unnecessary to be unnecessarily highly sensitive in relation to the use of a particular organ.

In society, no question is ever raised about men whether they have had sex in the past, whether they are virgins or there. It should not be forgotten here that in the past when effective contraceptives were not available like today, women were afraid of getting pregnant due to sexual activity, which was not applicable in relation to men. Probably, for this reason, sexual activity was seen differently by women and men.

The concept of virginity is not so simple and flat. The newbie can also raise this question, which type of sex work leads to virginity? Does only foreplay sports such as kissing, cuddling, touching and massaging sensitive organs such as breasts, thighs, and vagina, etc. cause virginity or is penis penetration and/or ejaculation necessary to go to virginity? Does a woman lose her virginity by bringing her orgasm to orgasm without insertion or using fingers? Thus we see that the concept of virginity is not so simple.

Are there any surgeries for girls to regain virginity?

Yes, of course, you can get your virginity again. The surgery that brings back your virginity is called Hymenoplasty or Hymen Surgery. Everyday many girls in India are getting this surgery done. And this surgery is being done continuously.

There is a membrane in the vagina of girls, which breaks due to everyday tasks like cycling, jumping rope, or having sex. The surgery takes place, and the name of the person who undergoes this surgery is kept completely confidential. In the surgery, an attempt is made to rebuild the gallery, an attempt is made to reconstruct it, only some parts of the damaged the membrane is left, only an attempt is made to make a new membrane.

What does virginity mean, and how to get back virginity before marriage

In some places it happens that there is no membrane left at all, then the new membrane is made from the tissues. It takes about 40 minutes to make this new membrane or rather say that this surgery is done. And in just 3 days the patient can visit his home. But keep in mind that this surgery cannot be done during your periods.

But it is clear that once virginity is gone, it cannot be recovered.

Average age losing virginity

During puberty, the girl is not fully developed. By the age of 15, she moves towards being an adult. But in such a situation, it is not understood that, what is the right age for the first time sex? Is it most appropriate to form a physical relationship at the beginning of adulthood, or is it appropriate after adulthood.

What is the right age to perform sex? It is advisable to consult a psychologist about sex. According to the psychologist, the right age for sex is when you’re thinking becomes sensible and you understand its importance. To do sex for the first time is not just to do intercourse but also to understand the feelings, thoughts, sensations, and beliefs, etc. due to which you are connected to the next.

A recent survey has shown that both men and women want it more than men, while women can wait until the age of 25. Usually, girls lose their virginity at the age of 16–17. After sex for the first time, many people have admitted that they had no relation with the first time they made a relationship drunk or curious. Or they did so under the influence of age.

Relationship experts say that those who start making relationships at a young age, their lives become very unstable. It also increases the risk of cancer, pregnancy, abortion, etc. Also, people start having problems regarding sleep. Premature bonding in women increases the risk of pregnancy because they lack understanding about contraceptives. Even many girls feel so shocked after this happens that they always run away from forming relationships.

In the case of men, if the men are not able to perform properly during the first time, then there is fear in them. And they are afraid to even further. But if they become successful then they become addicted and they become womanizers. Many times people get seduced by having a relationship at a young age and their partners take advantage of it, make their pictures or videos so that they later harass and blackmail them. Due to which many people also get gilt.

If you believe in sex experts, then after 25 years of age, sex is the safest and right. By that age, a person's understanding develops and he/she also gets to understand its true meaning.

What happens when you lose your virginity?

Physical changes in the body after the first time sex

Here that different people experience different changes after having sex for the first time, and the changes are given below are just to give you an idea. When it comes to sex, there is no one size that fits all. Now that you have become sexually active there are sensations you will start experiencing. Here are some of them:-

Be ready to see your breasts turn firmer and even bigger

Post sexual intercourse your breast size might shoot up to 25 % or more depending upon the arousal levels. You might have to buy a bra slightly bigger than your normal size too. Who does not like bigger, firmer, and tighter breasts?

But don’t worry, they won’t stay bigger forever. Their size will vary as your arousal levels. On the whole, though, they might appear slightly bigger and firmer than before.

Nipples all of sudden become oversensitive

Your nipples are your biggest asset and they are also one of the erogenous zones of the body. After a sexual encounter, nipples tend to get tingly and sore which sort of increases the sensitivity. This so happens because sex triggers more blood flow to the breasts, areola, and the nipple. An erotic dream, a slight touch and you would see them respond tight.

Your vaginal region becomes flexible

The vaginal walls, as well as clitoris due to less activity around it, ends up being uptight. After losing virginity, your vaginal walls expand and even your clitoris enlarges. Repeated sex will make it more elastic, and it will stretch to make sex less painful gradually. Over some time, women can enjoy sex with pleasure, and penetration would not feel painful. Once you lose your virginity the vagina ends up becoming elastic and the clitoris responds well to sexual advances.

You may bleed

Though not all women will bleed, the ones whose hymen is intact could experience some light bleeding. This too may not happen at once but over the course of quite a few sexual encounters as your hymen gradually wears down. Commonly referred to as tearing of the hymen, it is a virginity test in some cultures across the world. The first time bleeding does not hold true for many women as hymen could have stretched before penetration too.

Your periods may be delayed

While it is natural to feel a surge in hormones after sex and that could disrupt your normal menstrual cycle by a day or two if the delay is for more than a week then it could be a sign of conception.

If you have had unprotected sex, and you also experience symptoms such as nausea, and headaches, get yourself tested for pregnancy. Any delay in periods can be a cause of concern, so be safe than sorry and use protection.

Some emotional changes after having sex for the first time

The first time being a special one does affect a woman emotionally. As your body undergoes some changes, you may notice yourself changing on the emotional front as well. Some common pointers are:-

You will be more affectionate

No matter how long you have been dating or have been married, after the first time sex, you will feel more drawn to your partner. Your affection will multiply, and you may become more caring and loving.

You will feel happy

Be prepared to enjoy an emotional joyride after your first sexual act. Blame it on a good orgasm that releases the hormone that makes you happy – oxytocin. If you have had full-on engrossed sex with your partner, you will end up feeling happy, content, and cloud nine.

Confidence rules

Not just oxytocin, your body also releases dopamine that boosts self-confidence as well as encourages good social behavior. Even testosterone is released after sex that helps you to speak up for yourself in other spheres of life. You will feel cheerful and the world will seem like a happy place, even if everything is just the same.

Excited and nervous at the same time

Sometimes, It makes one feel guilty too – was it right? Is he the one? What if he was just having fun? These questions play with every woman’s mind. And of course, there is anticipation and excitement about the next time.

Your skin glows like never before

Another happy reason to have sex! As the good hormones take over the bad ones, and you feel happy, confident, and elated with joy, the skin too starts to glow and look great. Your relaxed body paves way for healthy and glowing skin.

These happy and confidence-boosting hormones will make you more cheerful and happy than you have ever been. Enjoy the blissful state of mind and look forward to being sexually active.

How do periods get affected after having sex for the first time?

While sex can be fun and enjoyable, an unplanned pregnancy can be a real spoilsport. The biggest question that everyone asks is will my period delay or my cycle change after losing my virginity. Maybe the answer could not be the same for everyone.

During sex, your hormones get active and can delay your periods temporarily. The delay would not be much but if the time extends a bit more than it is best to get a pregnancy test done to be certain.

Another reason for the delay is the constant stress and fear that most women have after having sex for the first time. Many fear that the protection was not in place and thus fear of becoming pregnant. It is best to relax and not get worked up with the first delayed periods. So lay your fears to rest and have a great first-time.

It is best to have your first intercourse with protection. This way you ensure that it’s safe and that you don’t conceive the first time itself. Insist on doing sex with proper condom and lubrication to experience the joy of lust and love.

Remember sex is going to be a different ride every time. Each session will help you learn more about it and how well you can ride on your man. Instead of being stubborn, let loose and enjoy the ride that climaxes to perfection.

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